Berrocal y Fernández Agobados is a professional office in continuous development in order to satisfy the client’s needs. In our staff, we have professionals with specialize training and long experience in Law.

Founded in 2000, Berrocal y Fernández Abogados developed a large experience in Civil matters, specifically in contractual and mortgage aspects. At the same time, the purchase of buildings involved financial aspects, so the covered matters where expanded to the Banking law. Some of our professional were appointed lawyers of several Saving Banks.

Berrocal y Fernández Abogados has based its development on two elements. Firsly, the interconnection between legal issues, for example, a Civil matter may perfectly lead to a Criminal matter. Secondly, the satisfaction of our client’s interests. For that reason, our professional experience has been directed to the complet advicing of either a company or a natural person, having selected a team of specialized professionals in different subjects that are complementary. Besides of the Civil law, several areas have been created: Commercial law, Family and Inheritance law, and Criminal law. All of them are managed by highly qualified people, who through their specific studies and their experience in each subject, are capable of help our clients and give them a high-quality service.

Lastly, the continuous economic investment to the training of the professional of our office has to be noticed. Furthermore, some of our lawyers arie professors of the University of Malaga.